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Combining mobile calls and stereo music listening, the SA505 stereo headset brings hands-free convenience to your everyday activities.

The SA505 enables you to manage both your phone calls and music reproduced by a mobile phone, MP3 player, PC or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. When calls are received or ended the SA505 provides seamless automatic switching between the music and call. Music commands can be managed comfortably from the headset, enabling you to press play or rewind and adjust the volume effortlessly. Enjoy SA505`s rich sound thanks to high output 50mm stereo speakers, Bluetooth 2.0 and DSP for up to 10 hours straight.

The SA505 features a sliding microphone which helps deliver crystal clear audio to the person you speak with. It includes USB charging, the innovative Push4™ Favourite Number button and is compatible with all Bluetooth phones and Bluetooth-enabled music devices and dongles. For stereo music, the device must support A2DP profile (Bluetooth stereo).

The SA505 includes a multifunction button which accesses AT&T *8 VoiceInfo services or a favorite number of your choice. AT&T *8 VoiceInfo services connect you to audio content such as sports, stock quotes, horoscopes, weather and much more (standard airtime charges apply).

Box contents:

  • Bluetooth stereo headset SA505
  • Power supply
  • USB charging cable
  • User guide

Key features:

  • Exceptional stereo audio quality
  • Sliding microphone for better voice quality
  • Push4TM favourite number button